Thursday, 16 April 2015


Why am I writing about horoscopes? Well that’s a good question and one I am not totally sure on.
I’ve always been fascinated by horoscopes and I take great delight in reading mine.

I read them online, emails and of course the good old fashioned magazines. I enjoy how ‘woolly’ they are and how generic. I laugh when parts don’t match me at all and I am shocked when they match me perfectly.

I don’t believe they tell me the future or the type of person I am. I believe I decide both of those but I like to pretend I believe, to let something else decide my future for just a short few minutes.
Horoscopes tell you about all sorts, they can be relationship specific or financial. They can be daily or monthly or even yearly.

So what’s my sign I am sure you are wondering. I am a Sagittarius. This is what one particular website says about a Sagittarius…

Sagittarius is the last of the Fire signs of the Zodiac and the only one to also belong to the Mutable group. Those born under Fire signs tend to be enthusiastic about life. They are friendly, warm and seek to make other people feel good too. Those born under Sagittarius are as generous with information as they are with gifts. They tend to be optimistic, bright and sociable. Their life quest is to experience life to the full - incorporating adventures: mental and physical.

As one of the mutable signs those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a high degree of adaptability. They enjoy variety too. The true Sagittarius enjoys cultivating a world-view. They seek to understand those from very different societies to their own. In fact, the rules and regulations of each society truly fascinate them. They are curious and gather knowledge with ease. Some people think of them as walking encyclopedias. They have of thirst for education though they do not always enjoy the formal indication provided at school. They may have an interest in history, archaeology, religions, languages and philosophies. They are also driven by the need to arrive at fair and balanced judgement

Now there are some correct characteristics here (highlighted in Green) however there are some that I wouldn’t agree with so much (highlighted in Red).

However right or wrong the star sign is I love reading them because I find them fun. I enjoy reading mine then those of my friends and family to see what it has in store for them too.

What are your views on horoscopes… Bit of fun or meaningful? 


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